They’ve Done It Again!

Published February 18th, 2010 in Blog, Motivation

Once in a while a book comes along that changes the way you think and how you do business…forever. As you find ways to practice the principles, something else changes too – your results. That was certainly the case when I read The Go-Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann. That powerful “little story” […]


Learning from the Best

Published February 9th, 2010 in Blog, Motivation, Social Media and Networking

It’s exciting when you have an opportunity to learn from the best. That has to be one of the best parts of social media and social networking. You can tap into the wisdom of great mentors and thought leaders. You can surround yourself with successful people and fresh ideas. In this case, I’ve done both. […]


The Orchid Story

Published January 25th, 2010 in Blog, Career Moves, Motivation, Must Reads!

In just a few weeks my next book, Career Moves will be released. I am thrilled with this one. “She” is a little different from the others in one important way. In this book, two stories unfold. One is the story I tell; one is the story you tell. I can’t wait for you to […]


Do What You Were Built For

Published December 22nd, 2009 in Blog, Designed for Success, Motivation

A moving video clip has me thinking today about “Playing to Our Strengths.” (I’ll share the link with you in just a moment, if you’d like to watch.) It’s an inspiring story about a service dog, trained from birth to do a particular job – a job he wasn’t entirely suited for. When he finds […]


Repairing the Gates

Published December 1st, 2009 in Blog, Motivation

Update: On January 20, 2013, I said goodbye to my father and he quietly slipped away. The gates are even more precious now.  Every Spring, my parents travel from Oregon to Texas for a visit. This has become such a tradition for our family – we block the calendars a year in advance to protect those […]


Get Your Worry On!

Published July 21st, 2009 in Blog, Ready Set Grow!, Strategies and Hints

There is a whole lot to worry about, so you better get started right away! For many of us worry is a constant, all-too-faithful companion. (That’s fair, because in many ways we “invite” her along for the ride. We don’t like her, but honestly some of us don’t know what to do without her!) Once […]


Opportunity Undercover

Published July 9th, 2009 in Blog, Motivation, Strategies and Hints

Here’s the thing about opportunity. “She” has a wardrobe filled with disguises. Sometimes opportunity just doesn’t look like opportunity! If you aren’t watching for her, she may brush right by you unnoticed. I’m learning that opportunity doesn’t always knock. Sometimes she waits in the wings or behind the scenes. For example: . She attends the […]


Sarah Palin: Bold Move or Big Mistake?

Published July 6th, 2009 in Blog, Strategies and Hints

Sarah Palin has given us a lot to talk about this 4th of July weekend. Her announcement to step down 18 months before her term ends as the Governor of Alaska has created quite the buzz. Many people are ready to offer opinions about what it means. I’ve seen everything from “brilliant” to “irresponsible.” Speculation […]


Networking in 140 characters or less

Published July 3rd, 2009 in Blog, Social Media and Networking

Determined to make social networking a real priority, I’ve officially jumped into the  Twitter stream. While relatively new to it, I’m coming up the curve quickly and happy to share my twittering tips with you. These points are also a gentle nudge to get your networking strategy on! Here’s my TTTT (that’s twitter-speak for Top […]