For Event and Meeting Planners

If you’ve already engaged Dondi to come and speak at your event or organization, here are a few suggestions to help you prepare.

  1. If tables are set in rounds, please set chairs so everyone can see without twisting and turning.
  2. Dondi moves! Please make sure she has room to do that.
  3. If a meal is being served, please ask servers not to collect dishes, clean room, or pour beverages during Dondi’s presentation.
  4. Dondi will provide an electronic copy of the handouts (if any are to be used) in advance. Please distribute these prior to the presentation.
  5. Please provide a small table at the front of the room with a glass and a bottle of water. This table will also be used for props.
  6. If you have arranged for book signing, please place a 6’ autograph table at the back of the room.
  7. Dondi will use a multi-media presentation. She will bring her own computer. Please arrange for a digital projector, screen, and an extension cord with power strip. (Internet access will not be required.)
  8. A cordless lavaliere lapel microphone will be needed for groups of 50 or more.
  9. If you need to reach Dondi feel free to call her cell. The number is (210) 861-8789. You can also reach her at
  10. If you plan to video Dondi’s presentation, please call her office in advance to arrange permissions and discuss the logistics. The number is toll free (877) 545-6277.