Thriving in the Midst of Change

Workplace trends indicate that the velocity of change will continue to increase. Responding to change is an absolute requirement, but there is more. We must recognize change or the need for it on the horizon. We must ask bigger, better questions, challenge complacency and learn how to leverage the possibilities inside of change.

Dondi will help you understand the catalysts of change and the remarkable innovations they inspire. This keynote will help you look at change in a whole new way. After hearing this keynote, you will take away seven principles of change and apply them to your personal and professional life:

  1. How we frame change determines our response to it.
  2. Managing the change event is not enough. We must manage the emotional and psychological process for change to “stick.”
  3. Inside of change, truth is more important than “Good News.”
  4. We move through change more effectively when we focus on what we can control.
  5. Compliance is a poor substitute for commitment. Change “stakeholders” must become change “shareholders.”
  6. We navigate change more effectively when we focus on what we can control.
  7. A clear destination allows you to find the most efficient path.

This presentation, and the others listed, are just a few of the presentations available. Dondi will work with you to choose and tailor a presentation for your event, your audience and your mission.