Talent Management

Talent Management – Swimming in the Leadership Pool

“Our leadership pool is a puddle, and it’s a hot day in Texas.” This is from an executive describing the urgency for talent management within his organization.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make this year is how to manage the talent that you already have within your organization. As we all know, square pegs do not fit into round holes. Finding the right place in your organization for the employees that you have is a key to successful productivity. It is likely that some of your employees need to stabilize in their role. Others may be candidates for lateral moves only. Some are the future leadership of the organization. It is essential to understand these pools, who is in them, and respond with a comprehensive plan.

Talent Management takes your succession plan to the next level with dynamic processes and tools for implementation and real-time monitoring. Dondi will help you develop a model of your leadership pipeline using proven practices and processes. She will also assess your organization’s talent pools so that you are able to respond accordingly.

A sound plan for managing talent within your organization allows you to:

Dondi can work with your organization to define essential competencies, construct a Leadership Roadmap, analyze your talent pools, and avoid the common mistakes organization make in managing talent.