Mentoring Strategies

Mentoring Strategies – Helping Each Other Grow

If you would like to put a mentoring program in place at your business, company or organization, Dondi can supply you with the strategies and processes that will ensure that your program is successful and well managed.

If your organization already has a mentoring program in place, Dondi can work with you to take it to the next level and make it more organized, successful and productive.

Why is mentoring an important investment for you or your organization? It can:

Did you know?

Dondi has personally launched hundreds of mentoring partnerships across the country and she can help you tap into the mentoring community. Dondi delivers years of experience and sound advice for your new or existing program. She can help you maximize the mentoring investment and avoid the pitfalls. She brings:

Using the tools she has designed, mentors and protégés get real traction and successfully leverage the opportunity.

Dondi has created an outstanding resource for anyone who is interested in starting a mentoring program. In one box you’ll receive a comprehensive mentoring program that contains everything necessary for you and a protégé to begin a mentoring program. If you are interested in Dondi’s Mentor in a Box resource, please contact us for more information.