Gifts that Give: How Would You Wrap Success?

Published November 20th, 2010 in Blog, Leadership, Mentoring, Motivation

It won’t surprise anyone to learn of my love for books. I have always loved them, have a library filled to bursting, and can literally (pun intended) get lost for hours in a good bookstore. (Actually, I could live in one of those bookstores with the big overstuffed chairs and a coffee bar.)

My love for books collides perfectly with my love for this season – this gift-giving, song-singing, candle-lighting, reflection-inviting time of year. Books are good gifts – and a really good book will give back.

And let’s not forget the wrapping! This is a serious art form in my house. I can get lost in that process too. Wrapping is not a paper and tape exercise for me. Gifts are to be embellished properly – wrapped to the nine’s in a breathtaking presentation.

So which books go on the gift list? If I could recommend just one, it would be The Go-Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann. Buy it for yourself and everyone on your list, because when you give this powerful little story, you are giving Five Laws of Stratospheric Success!

We read The Go-Giver as a family (also known as Team Scumaci) and worked to apply the five laws. What a fabulous experience! Each of us found unique and meaningful ways to incorporate the wisdom into our work, our relationships, and our perspectives. It was inspiring. My son, in his 20’s declared, “This is the best book I have ever read!” (That’s a bold statement when your mom is an author.)

Here are a just a few of the powerful things I learned along the way:

  1. Success is built on acts of giving and receiving. If you cannot do both, you will block the flow. You jam up the process and everything gets stuck.
  2. Value writes your paycheck. If you will simply focus on adding value – compensation will take care of itself. It’s exhilarating and liberating when you finally get that!
  3. Authenticity is irresistible. Good news! The most successful you, is the real you.

There is a special shelf in my library reserved for the books that have changed me – how I think, what I think about, what I believe is possible, what I do to reach for greater impact. I refer to these over and again; they are marked up, highlighted, and worn. This is a shelf of inspiration and wisdom. I think of the authors as my mentors, and I am grateful for the gifts they have wrapped in words.

On this shelf you will find my personal copy of The Go-Giver. You will also find this book on the shelves of the people I love, do business with and care about. When I am asked, “What are you giving this year?” I will say, “Success…wrapped to the nine’s in a little red book.”