Happy Birthday!

Published January 2nd, 2009 in Blog, Designed for Success, Strategies and Hints
On January 3, “Designed for Success” celebrates “her” first birthday. I am celebrating too. Writing “Designed” and watching that big, black shoe make its way around the  world has been so rewarding this year. I am grateful for the opportunity.  Today, I am  applauding all that you have done with this “success manual.” For how you’ve put the concepts into practice, giving those great shoes legs to run on, I congratulate you!

There is a good reminder here as well. What do we “know” that we need to “do” or do more? (Sometimes the best success tip of all is to more consistently practice what we already know.) “Designed” encourages personal reflection. She asks us to be more mindful of  what’s working and what isn’t, to focus (or refocus) on the real objectives,  and challenge our approaches. This is the perfect time of year to reflect to pull the lessons forward, celebrate the achievements, and purposefully align our actions with our goals.

.         What do you know that you need to do (more of)?

.         What are the greatest achievements of 2008?

.         How will you “design” a successful 2009?

Happy Birthday “Designed.” Here’s to another year of success.