Learning from the Best

Published February 9th, 2010 in Blog, Motivation, Social Media and Networking

It’s exciting when you have an opportunity to learn from the best. That has to be one of the best parts of social media and social networking. You can tap into the wisdom of great mentors and thought leaders. You can surround yourself with successful people and fresh ideas. In this case, I’ve done both.

I’ve been reading Endless Referrals (Third Edition) by Bob Burg. It’s definitely an opportunity to learn from the best. If networking is priority for you, this is a great resource. Burg will turn typcial networking notions on their head as you learn how to:

  • Position yourself the ‘Center of Influence’ in a networking situation.
  • Become a great connector.
  • Ask one key question that separates you from all the “networking” noise.
  • Follow up in world-class ways.
  • Create ambassadors for your products and services.

The most successful people I know have built strong, vibrant networks. They invest themselves beautifully in the success of others. Bob has done that with this book. He’s given us a system for networking that really works! It’s authentic and filled with integrity. Just like the author – who in my experience walks his wisdom every day.