Published January 3rd, 2008 in Blog, Designed for Success, Mentoring, Motivation

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life came with a personal navigation system? I love the idea of a friendly voice saying, “Prepare to turn ahead.” If you missed an opportunity or made a career-limiting move the (ever-so-friendly) voice would say, “Recalculating route” or “prepare to turn”. Imagine hearing the words, “You have arrived!”  I love this idea! Unfortunately, until life comes fully loaded with GPS, we have to create our own compass with the tools available. These navigation tools are communication, negotiation, extreme initiative, a strong sense of purpose and a personal brand. These tools and more are available to you, and we will explore them here.Welcome to my blog. I’m very happy that you stopped by. And now, let’s go. It’s time to start the journey!