Go-Giver Guest Blog

Published June 29th, 2009 in Blog, Leadership, Motivation, Social Media and Networking

For those of you who have joined me on Twitter, thank you! I hope you are finding real value there and connecting with great people. (If you haven’t jumped into the Twitter stream, I hope you will meet me there!) Later this week, I’ll be posting a blog about Social Networking in 140 Characters or […]



Published April 13th, 2009 in Blog, Motivation

Where do you find energy and inspiration? What inspires you to take a risk,try something new, and rise to the occasion? It’s early on a Saturday morning in San Antonio, TX, and I just finished a radio interview with Tom Chenault ( The conversation ignited a flood of ideas and a wave of energy! That’s […]


What are you working on now?

Published March 9th, 2009 in Blog, Motivation

Networking is all the rage and utilities like LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Facebook provide a platform for both personal and professional connections. All of these in one way or another encourage you to post your status with a question like, “What are you doing right now?” It ‘s a fair question, “What are you working on?” […]


Happy Birthday Grow!

Published March 3rd, 2009 in Blog, Ready Set Grow!

This is a big day. “Ready, Set….Grow!” hits the shelves today. (Can I just say, “she” looks fabulous next to Designed for Success?!) I have high hopes for “Grow” and for what this book will be for those who read it. I was asked in an interview last week, “Why this book, now?” This is […]


What difference can a mentor make?

Published February 12th, 2009 in Blog, Mentoring, Ready Set Grow!

I heard a mentoring story this week. Actually it was a story that ended badly for everyone. I call it a mentoring story because it’s a perfect example of mentoring that didn’t happen, but would have made all the difference. A bright young woman with great potential was climbing the career ladder two steps at […]


Happy Birthday!

Published January 2nd, 2009 in Blog, Designed for Success, Strategies and Hints

On January 3, “Designed for Success” celebrates “her” first birthday. I am celebrating too. Writing “Designed” and watching that big, black shoe make its way around the  world has been so rewarding this year. I am grateful for the opportunity.  Today, I am  applauding all that you have done with this “success manual.” For how […]


Drowning in a sea of Data?

Published December 3rd, 2008 in Blog, Strategies and Hints

Have you heard the term, “Unprocessed Data?” Even if the term isn’t familiar, I’m betting you are personally experiencing or living with unprocessed data. This is when information is coming more quickly than we can recognize, reflect, organize, reject, respond to, learn from, adapt to, take advantage of or interpret. Some examples of unprocessed data may […]


Play To Win.

Published November 18th, 2008 in Blog, Motivation, Strategies and Hints

I learn fabulous things at every conference. I always come away inspired with new perspectives and greater understanding. (Secretly I suspect my clients are some of the best and brightest people on the planet.) That was certainly the case recently in Atlanta, working with a group of dynamic AT&T managers. As we debriefed a leadership […]


More from the Mailbag

Published April 15th, 2008 in Blog, Mentoring, Motivation

As I’d mentioned earlier this week, we’ve been receiving a lot of “Ask Dondi” emails every day. This week we’re going to tackle some of them. Don’t forget, if you have submitted an “Ask Dondi” question, watch for the question and the answer here. Thank you for keeping the lines of communication open and for […]