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Happy Birthday Grow!

Published March 3rd, 2009 in Blog, Ready Set Grow!

This is a big day. “Ready, Set….Grow!” hits the shelves today. (Can I just say, “she” looks fabulous next to Designed for Success?!)

I have high hopes for “Grow” and for what this book will be for those who read it. I was asked in an interview last week, “Why this book, now?” This is exactly the right time for this message. In a time of great uncertainty and monumental change, “Grow” will remind of who you are and what is possible. “She” won’t give you the map, because journeys are personal things. Each one is different. But she will help you create a plan and make it one that is uniquely your own.

Grow is about pulling out of your life what does not work and planting into your life what does. It is about dreaming a bigger dream, making a bigger difference, and enjoying life more.

This book is for business and for life. You can apply the tools and principles at work, at home, and in your relationships. But I warn you, “Grow” will challenge you. At the same time though, I think she will also inspire you. You were Designed for Success and it is time again to “Grow.”