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Get Your Worry On!

Published July 21st, 2009 in Blog, Ready Set Grow!, Strategies and Hints

There is a whole lot to worry about, so you better get started right away!

For many of us worry is a constant, all-too-faithful companion. (That’s fair, because in many ways we “invite” her along for the ride. We don’t like her, but honestly some of us don’t know what to do without her!) Once “she” attaches herself to you, she can be so hard to shake! She attends meetings, interrupts your work, steals your energy, and battles with your confidence.

Worry usually doesn’t travel alone. She networks! She is more than happy to introduce you to her colleagues. Doubt, Criticism, and Negativity are three of her favorite peers, but Fear is her boss.

Worry can become a habit. Some people might even say an addiction! If you can relate to that, and you want to break free, consider these steps:

1. The first step to breaking the habit of worry is to become more aware of when you are worrying and what you are worrying about. (Do not allow worry to crouch in the corner of your mind. Pull her out into the light and look her squarely in the face!)

2. Set an appointment with worry and give her your complete attention! Take notes. Write it all down. Don’t worry, (pun intended) when she is finished with her agenda, you’re going to introduce her to gratitude, action, and vision. (That, by the way will make her very uncomfortable, and she may cancel future appointments with you.)

3. Once you have exhausted yourself with the worst case scenario, imagine how you want things to turn out. Picture the outcomes you want.

4. Brainstorm actions you can take to move closer to your goal.

5. Finish your meeting with one more list. What are you grateful for? (This is where you introduce worry to gratitude. I promise worry will not hang around to chat it up.)

In Chapter 6 of Ready, Set.Grow, you will learn more about breaking the worry habit. (And if worry is an addiction for you, chapter 6 will be your “Worry Intervention.”)

All the best,


Opportunity Undercover

Published July 9th, 2009 in Blog, Motivation, Strategies and Hints

Here’s the thing about opportunity. “She” has a wardrobe filled with
disguises. Sometimes opportunity just doesn’t look like opportunity! If you
aren’t watching for her, she may brush right by you unnoticed. I’m learning
that opportunity doesn’t always knock. Sometimes she waits in the wings or
behind the scenes.

For example:

. She attends the team meeting that’s been derailed by excuses and
negativity. There’s your opportunity to be a catalyst for positive momentum. Change the course of the conversation with an accountable question. “What pieces of this problem do we control?”

. Opportunity is available for that routine, mundane task. How? She would
ask, “How can you add value to this? How you make it better?”

. You’ll find her as you greet the day, when you are grateful for
the opportunity to start fresh and try again. Each day brings with it a new slate of opportunities.

. Notice her when you decide to break out of destructive patterns
and make new choices for yourself. The options and chances here are endless, limited by only your imagination.

. She may hide behind a persistent problem or inside a daunting task you’ve been procrastinating. She may simply dare you to try something new as you approach the task or maybe, if you’ve been putting it off, just to begin.

. She’ll even dream with you – big, beautiful dreams about the
future that you want to create with her by your side.

Thinking about opportunity in this way changes where I look for her and what I
think she looks like. I want to recognize her in all of her disguises!
When I can see opportunity, she allows me to take her hand and go further than I’d imagined possible!

All the best,